Macro-Calculated Meals To Go – July 22, 2019

Listen as self-made millionaire & entrepreneur, Charlotte Guernsey, discusses her latest project with friend Lillian Tompkins, Macro Café, regarding the importance of understanding the science behind macronutrients.

Eating the right mix of macronutrients will keep your metabolism running at full speed and help you hit your goals faster. Your ideal macro mix will depend on a variety of factors.

Your height, weight, age, and gender all have an impact, as well as how active you are at work and how intensely you exercise. Your goals will also influence your macro counts – eating to burn fat and eating to gain muscle require different balances. Even your stress level and medical conditions can impact your macronutrient needs.

Each meal is freshly made from real, local ingredients, packed and ready to eat, and all of the food is gluten-free. To learn more details about Macro Café, visit

This clip taken from Dennis’ weekly show on Q92.1.